New Year, same problem? How to minimise burnout and the challenge of finding new employees

Everyone knows the last two years has thrown up plenty of problems for companies large and small. The coronavirus pandemic has had an immense impact on construction businesses. The industry has been affected by local lockdowns, government-enforced shutdowns, import delays, and material price rises – forcing companies and their owners to learn to adapt. Business owners are also contending with a considerable increase in the number of projects coming online when quality workers are hard to retain – and even harder to find.

We are working in a dynamic industry with an increased number of projects and a workforce feeling the pressure of working through a pandemic for almost two years. Understandably employees may be feeling burnt out and looking for new opportunities.

It’s also been predicted the global trend known as The Great Resignation is coming to Australia in 2022. In a recent PWC survey of 1800 Australian workers, 38% of respondents said they are looking for a new job, compared to 7.5% in the year to February 2021.

The cost of new employees post-pandemic

As a business owner, will you be able to retain your best workers and ensure you avoid burning out? And if the phone is constantly ringing with new work, and you need to expand, how can you attract the best employees?

Business owners are well aware of the day-to-day challenge of spreading themselves too thin or deciding to take on more resources to help lighten the load.

When sourcing new employees, you must consider advertising costs to find them, current and future finances to train employees to keep their skills up to date. There’s also the additional cost of wages and other potentially unexpected expenses. Does your business have the profitability to afford such costs?

Not only is sourcing new employees costly, training them is time-consuming. The upkeep for future employee efficiency takes time and skills you might not have. Are you, as the employer, expected to take on this responsibility? Especially along with everything else your business demands of you?

How a virtual assistant can help lighten your load

With this overwhelming thought in mind, perhaps it’s time to consider outside assistance to help with the day-to-day running of your business. For the more minor requirements such as calendar, appointment, email, and call managing, you might want to consider outsourcing the work to a virtual assistant. Not only will this free up the time you have, but it will also ensure the smaller tasks are completed to an adequate standard.

A virtual assistant can also help recruit team members and oversee your business’ social media (social media marketing). To find new team members, all a virtual assistant requires is a list of criteria for suitable employees and a job description. Let them do all the work from there.

How Kingsbridge Consulting can work with you

For other, more significant business tasks, consider Kingsbridge Consulting. Here, we work with you, one-on-one, to provide guidance, advice and clarity when you need it most. We enhance your competitive edge, save you time, and increase revenue by taking on difficult tasks and delivering efficient workable solutions.

We will handle your contracts and help you gain clients by providing professional bid submissions. Contact Kingsbridge Consulting today and take advantage of our no-fee initial consultation. Let us help you focus on the things that really matter.