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Operations & Maintenance Manuals Written for You.

At the end of a project, finalising the paperwork in preparation for handover, including collating comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals, can be a daunting task. We understand you’re busy trying to juggle responsibilities and collate information. However, we also know you want to finish the project in a professional way, to meet your contractual obligations and maintain a strong ongoing relationship with your client. 

At Kingsbridge Consulting, we save you time and take the hassle out of construction handovers with our professional O&M Manual service. By creating a quality, well-written O&M Manual template for your organisation, we help streamline the process of finalising each and every project – now and in the future. 

Your operations and maintenance manuals will be viewed by builders, other trades and clients seeking relevant information and instructions. It’s important these documents accurately represent the workmanship and professionalism which your company is known for. Your O&M Manuals become your calling card for future business. We understand the importance of getting the details right. 

Operations and Maintenance Manuals - The Simple Solution

We focus on creating easy-to-follow operations and maintenance manuals for the use of construction professionals, clients and/or end users. You can choose one of two options: 

  1. If you already have a template, we can collate and add the relevant information
  2. We can create a new template for you


Your final document must clearly present all the required information to ensure the safe, correct operation and maintenance of the equipment and services installed.

To streamline the O&M Manual creation process, we offer these options:

  • Check the requirements of your contract to ensure the O&M Manual template we prepare meets all the contractural obligations and industry standards
  • Collate all the information provided by you, your sub-contractors and your suppliers to produce a well-written, quality document to accurately represent your business
  • Produce a professional layout which is consistent with your brand image and required format
  • Provide a draft template document for your review and any required amendments 
  • Provide the final version of the template for your ongoing use

Why use Kingsbridge Consulting's O&M Manual Service?

The purpose of the value-adding service is to remove on last piece of pressure from you, our valued clients, to alleviate stress and help facilitate a smooth, professional completion to your project.

Our goal is to support you in finishing every project with a stress-free handover and a happy client or end user. 

With comprehensive experience in the construction industry, we know precisely what is required in quality operations and maintenance manuals – and we ensure the optimal outcome is delivered on every template, every time. 

We provide a simple and effective method to deliver professional, all-inclusive O&M Manuals on every project. Book a consultation to discuss your requirement and get started today. 

We provide tailored, professional guidance, advice and clarity to Australian Sub-Contractors in the Construction industry.

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