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We provide tailored, professional guidance, advice and clarity to Australian Sub-Contractors in the Construction industry.

We focus on increasing professionalism, precision and profitability in small to medium construction businesses by standardising cashflow management, streamlining processes and ensuring payments are processed on time. By taking on the difficult tasks, communicating openly and delivering efficient, workable solutions, we aim to enhance your competitive advantage, save you time and increase your revenue.

Our clients benefit from more than 20 years’ experience in commercial management on construction projects, plus our comprehensive knowledge of contract administration and quantity surveying. We provide an experienced resource for a low-cost fee, rather than employing a resource and having the ensuing employment obligations.

Our mission is to help the construction industry evolve through achieving greater parity between builders and sub-contractors.

We deliver fast, customer-focused, efficient service to a consistently high standard – with confidentiality guaranteed. We are the go-to resource for sub-contractors who need a reliable, cost-effective, professional consultant who provides ongoing protection, support and guidance to help your business thrive.

Using our industry expertise, we can help Sub-Contractors to maximise their potential, increase process efficiency and get clarity around the inherent risks of Construction.

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As a freelance consultant, Daniel provides professional support which protects his clients’ business by managing their risk, understanding their obligations and increasing business efficiency.

During a complimentary initial consult, Daniel facilitates open conversation to determine your specific needs and understand your strengths, weaknesses and ambition for business development. He then provides tailored solutions incorporating strategic thinking, confidential one-on-one advice and value-adding services which lead to ongoing business growth for his valued clients.

As a team player, Daniel proactively helps build morale among the teams he works in, he is easy to deal with, professional and diligent in everything he does.

Having watched his grandfather build his own houses and his uncle create and manage a successful carpentry business, Daniel had a long-held passion to pursue a career in construction.

Daniel Bates


BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

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