End-to-end project solutions – help at every stage of your project

At Kingsbridge Consulting, we aim to help sub-contractors at every stage of work. Challenges and issues can crop up at any point in a project, and it is our job to help smooth these out so that everyone can be satisfied with a resolution. Here are just a few examples of scenarios where we assist subbies before, during, and after a job.

1. Pricing work

Pricing work is never an easy task –you have a short amount of time to review a tender package (typically hundreds of documents), figure out how long it will take, how much it will cost, and ask yourself what the service is worth to your customer. All while figuring out how it fits into your schedule and assessing any risks involved.

At Kingsbridge Consulting, we will reduce the pressure on you by reviewing the tender package to tell you what to focus on, where the risks are and what questions you need to be asking.

We can also highlight any essential documents missing, suggest some qualifications and exclusions to your quote and help you put together a quality submission that stands out to your client and gives you the edge.

2. Understanding contracts

Building contracts can be confusing – and may contain a lot of jargon. Sub-contractors can often be pressured to sign and return a contract leading them to skim over confusing terms. This could create issues further down the line, which is why any subbie must understand what they are signing up to and exactly what their clients expect.

We can cut through the confusion, explain any clauses you may not be comfortable with, and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.

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3. Common building project issues

Building projects can be highly stressful with plenty of unexpected challenges. Tight schedules can leave less time for admin or resolving problems in construction, and you may end up with an increased workload adding additional pressure. There is no shortage of potential roadblocks, and many of them could require contractual advice.

Kingsbridge Consulting routinely deals with problems big and small, so we have the experience you need to navigate these obstacles. Our team regularly advises our clients on delay claims, avoiding liquidated damages, scope issues, agreeing to variations, back charges, and successfully negotiating final accounts.

If the relationship with your builder is becoming strained, we can provide strategic advice to help you avoid an unnecessary dispute and ensure the best chance for repeat business.

4. Payment problems

Not every builder pays their sub-contractor appropriately – in fact, a disappointing amount of them try to save money by abusing back charges.

This can be especially problematic as sub-contractors often pay their workers before the builder pays them. Back charges and short pay come with complications that you can work around and dispute; you must seek advice if a company refuses to give you your dues. At Kingsbridge Consulting, we work to ensure that you and everyone you work with gets a fair deal at every turn.

As you can see, Kingsbridge Consulting can help sub-contractors with virtually any issue that they may face on the job. Whether you need help selecting your client, working alongside them, or dealing with a project’s aftermath, we can make sure you get a good deal. For more on our services, get in touch, and we will help however we can.